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In 2012 we invited our members to take part in a national survey on surgical mentoring.  Our preliminary results confimed that significant numbers of surgical trainees do not have a mentor and that training in coaching and mentoring is lacking but desired. The survey results are available to read below. Many thanks to all of you that responded!


We are piloting a National Mentoring Scheme over the coming year. We initially advertised this to members who had filled in the mentoring survery and clearly had an interest in mentoring. There are still a few spaces on the pilot and we are looking for:

1. Mentors who have already had training in mentoring and coaching. We will have three monthly feedback/ training sessions for mentors.

2. Trainees who would like a surgical mentor. Mentees can be of any grade, specialty or region within the UK.


If you fall into either of these catergories, please fill in the appropriate form below, and send to

Please read the outline of the scheme and ground rules & code of conduct attached below



We are also developing a training scheme, which will be piloted over the coming year and launched in 2014, so if you would like to be a mentor and have not had training- there will be something available for you soon!

For any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate us at or

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