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ASiT Response to the Announced Training Fee Increases from 2013


ASiT Statement in Response to the Announced Training Fee Increases from 2013-2015 (1)

Whilst ASiT are mindful of the costs involved in the administration of specialty trainees we remain disappointed that this cost is being levelled squarely at the feet of the trainees themselves.

As ASiT have already demonstrated in our statement ‘The Cost of Surgical Training’(2) trainees already pay a staggering amount of their own money in order to complete their training. This original document was published before the advent of £9000/year tuitions fees at medical schools, so any figures included are now a gross underestimate given the sharp rise in fees:

2011 £125
2012 £150
2013 £185
2014 £220
2015 £255

The GMC feels that the beneficiary of surgical training should pay for its administration. ASiT does not dispute this but takes issue with the GMC’s insistence that the trainee is the only beneficiary. It is surely unarguable that the public at large gain great benefit from excellence in surgical training and its careful administration.

We are also disappointed that the cost could not have been spread across the entire college member/fellowship. As Members and future Fellows of the 4 Colleges, the ASiT Council viewed this as an equitable solution that would have cemented the colleges’ commitment to its trainees.

At this stage ASiT would once again like to request consideration for the fee to either be incorporated into college membership fees or for greater clarity over the matter of tax deductibility.


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Added on: 2nd March 2013

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