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Past President: Adam Williams

I should probably start by giving you a little of my background. I graduated from Bristol Medical School in 2005 and am now a post CCT, RCS(Eng) Senior Clinical Fellow in endoscopic neurosurgery in Oxford.  I initially represented the British Neurosurgical Trainees' Association (BNTA) on ASiT Council in 2013/14, was elected to the ASiT Executive Committee in 2015, and was President in 2016/7.


It was a hugely humbling experience to take on this last role, and I spent my year working towards a few particular goals:  to reduce our costs to members whilst maintaining our standards, to improve our support and working relationships with the trainee specialty organisations and to be a strong and visible national voice for your views.


I feel incredibly proud to be part of ASiT and its wonderful history, but I am under no illusion as to the scale of the issues we face to ensure our training enables us to be the best surgeons we can.  However, ASiT is no placebo.  I look forward to working with our new President, Helen Mohan, to be We are a voice for honesty, equality and diversity in the coming year. I can reassure you that the Executive and Council will work tireless unpaid hours over the this year to ensure your interests are kept at the heart of proceedings, and that we represent you to the best of our ability.




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