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Ensuring excellence in surgical training is essential to ensure high quality care for patients both now and in the future. We must ensure that surgery remains a sustainable and attractive career for the next generation of surgeons to attract and retain enthusiastic committed doctors. ASiT plays a vital role in promoting the interests and highlighting the needs of surgical trainees. 

I am committed to working tirelessly on ASiT Executive as President this year to ensure that excellence in surgical training and sustainable surgical careers remain at the forefront of the healthcare agenda, and that our members are provided with as many opportunities as possible to enhance and improve their surgical training.

ASiT's strength lies in you, its members. We must continually strive to ensure that we provide the best value possible for our members, and that we represent you as best as we possibly can. I invite all ASiT members to email their regional representatives ( or myself with your issues regarding surgical training to ensure that your concerns remain at the heart of ASiT’s agenda this year. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Helen Mohan

General Surgery SpR, Ireland




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