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Past President: VIMAL GOKANI

I had a busy year in 2014-15, in the middle of my PhD and a medical law degree, having a new baby (what other type is there?!?), and also work with ASiT.  It was an honour representing surgical trainees, and I’m chuffed that you engage.  Please continue to do so.  

The last couple of years have seen some serious threats to surgical training.  Opportunities too, and we’re not all about being negative.  The Shape of Training Review can be beneficial if implemented very carefully, and not in in its totality, but it absolutely risks compromising the quality of the trained surgeon.  It could also introduce a sub consultant grade.  We’re fighting the corner.  We’re looking to reduce or even abolish the JCST fee, we run a number of courses, and offer a lot of bursaries: you have to be in it to win it!

Keep in touch, and see you around!

Mr Vimal Gokani

Twitter: @VimalGokani


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