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Society of Academic and Research Surgery

Academic and Research Surgery have often been the poor relations of the scientific community. However with the introduction of MMC and a much clearer career structure and pathway for clinical academic, surgery has a real chance to make its mark.

The Society of Academic and Research Surgery has the ability to unite those with an interest in this field, and also provide an outlet for trainees from all backgrounds. The legacy and symbolism of the Patey Prize is well regarded theough the UK and Ireland Surgical Fraternity, and remains an iconic standard.

SARS and ASiT see the devlopment of strong links as imperative to the future of both organisations, for the preservation of training, through well founded, evidenced based, analysis of training and educational delivery.

SARS will host an ASiT symposium at its annual conference in January each year, and reciprocal arrangements for SARS involvement in the ASiT annual conference are being developed.


Miss Natalie Blencowe

Surgeon-in-Training Member of SARS Council


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