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The ASiT Council has evolved over years and consists of a core committee, our regional representatives and our speciality representatives.

The committee members comprise an executive committee of the President and Vice-Presidents, Hon Secretary, Director of Education, Treasurer, Yearbook Editor, Webmaster, Publicity Officer as well as the members who sit on a wide variety of committees representing ASiT interests.

The regional representatives are your local contact with ASiT who will be able to assist you not only with training issues but also additional advice and support and in many cases the occasional sponsored educational / recreational meeting.

ASiT works for trainees in all ten surgical specialities and it is only with collaboration and co-operation that we can further excellence in surgical training. Our speciality representatives do an invaluable job linking their sub-speciality view-point to the central hub of ASiT.

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A key part of ASiT Council's role is to represent it's members on the many national and local meetings which are pertinent to surgical training. Click HERE to view the table outlining details of these meetings and the Council members responsible for attendance.

Click HERE to download a list of meetings attended by ASiT Executive Council members.

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