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3rd London Masterclass: Contemporary Management of Constipation

3rd london masterclass: contemporary management of constipation 

October 17th & 18th, 2018


Chronic constipation remains an enormous clinical and scientific challenge. It is 9 years since we hosted the last major meeting devoted to this subject, and hence, by way of update, we have again assembled an International Faculty of recognised experts, each of whom command a body of work in this field, and who continue to publish contemporary studies. The goal of this meeting will be to disseminate and to critically appraise both a contemporary understanding of current best clinical practice, but also to highlight those evolving concepts relevant to this condition that hopefully will lead to improved management in the future.

Target audience

Gastroenterologists, pelvic floor surgeons, urogynaecologists and paediatricians at Consultant and trainee level, clinical physiologists, clinical research fellows, specialist nurses, dieticians and nutritionists.

Course highlights:

Sessions on:
o Clinical burden and aetiology
o Keyclinicalassociations
o Pathophysiologicalmechanisms
o Diagnostictesting
o Therapeutic options (behavioural, medical and surgical)

  •   Keynote lectures on: colonic motor dysfunction; whether chronic constipation and IBS-C truly represent separate entities; gut microbiota and probiotics; the future of medical therapies

  •   Panel discussion: when to test, which test, and what does it mean?

  •   Panel discussion: bringing it all together. The management algorithm.

    Cost Masterclass: October 17th & 18th

    £ 200.00 for Consultants
    £ 50.00 for Trainees, nurses, clinical physiologists, dieticians and nutritionists.


Please telephone Rachel Broome on +44 (0) 1494 721820 or e-mail


For more information, please click here. To register for this event, please complete this form and send to

London, UK
Queen Mary University of London, Whitechapel Campus, London, UK
£50 for trainees, nurses, clinical physiologists, dieticians and nutritionists. £200 for consultants
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