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Silver Scalpel, Silver Suture & Silver Scissors Awards - Nominations Open


Recognising Excellence in Surgical Training since 2000



Deadline: 23:59 GMT Friday, 14th October 2022

ASiT is excited to announce the return of our Silver awards to recognise and honor some of the best contributors to surgical training. Over the past decade the prestigious Silver Scalpel Award has played a vital part in recognising trainers that go the extra mile for their trainees, while at the same time promoting the highest standards of surgical care. In addition, it is important to appreciate that many of our peers have also excelled themselves in promoting surgery as a career, inspiring others and providing mentorship to junior colleagues. This led to the addition of our Silver Suture (higher surgical trainees) and Silver Scissor (foundation/core trainees) awards.

We want to hear from you, the trainees, about trainers and peers who you feel have gone above and beyond to ensure that despite the increasing demands on the NHS workforce, surgical training continues to flourish thanks to the people who promote and deliver exemplary educational opportunities. We want to celebrate the trainers and peers who are able to create a positive work environment and provide excellent patient care.

The formal award categories include:

Silver Scalpel Award

Includes: All consultants and associate specialist surgeons working within the UK or Republic of Ireland

Silver Suture Award

Includes: All doctors working at the level of a higher surgical trainee (registrar level) but not limited to doctors working within a formalised surgical training programme AND consultants/associate specialists working within their first year of appointment nominated by their peers for the work they carried out during their time as a registrar

Silver Scissor Award

Includes: All doctors working at the level of a junior surgical trainee (F1-CT2) or equivalent but not limited to doctors working within a formalised surgical training programme. Note: nominations must reflect work whilst working within a surgical speciality.

Guidelines for Nominations:

Please provide a maximum of one A4 page on why you think your nominee is an exceptional surgical trainer and deserves the Silver Award. In particular, please describe your trainer under the following headings in your nomination:

•          Leadership
•          Resourcefulness
•          Training and Development
•          Professionalism
•          Communication
•          Promoting Equality and Diversity

Supportive evidence from other trainees, consultants, nursing and allied health practitioners can be provided and is encouraged within the letter. Please note that self-nominations and nominations for current members of ASiT Council or Executive Committee will not be accepted. In addition, a nominee can not be nominated for more than one award category.

Please send your nominations to:, with the subject line: "Silver Scalpel Nomination", "Silver Suture Nomination" or "Silver Scissor Nomination".

The awards will be presented at the ASiT Annual Conference 3rd - 5th March 2023.


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