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ASiT Leadership in Surgery - ASiT 2020 Pre-Conference Course


Venue: ICC Birmingham 

Friday 6th March, 2020

Convener: Chris Bowman

Target audience: Any training grade

Please note this course is not a standalone course, and in order to be eligible to attend, you must register for the ASiT 2020 Conference.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the different leadership styles
  • Explore what leadership style suits you in different situations
  • Understand various implications of our leadership
  • How to apply your leadership skills at work and how to make an impact for future of NHS

A 3 module interactive leadership course is targeted at any level from medical student to Higher Surgical Trainee. With a mixture of interactive presentation and group work we will explore what we think we know about leadership and what we are currently taught and shown in this regard. Deconstructing this we then expose shortcomings and failures of culture within the NHS in leadership, management and systems thinking. Techniques and cognitive tools are then developed to change our perspective, increase awareness and (hopefully) improve performance.  

Module 1: Building the Basics - Transformers, Transactors and Action Centricity.

Why isn't NHS leadership working? We unpack the current culture and the common leadership styles seen within clinical practice, with pros and cons of both discussed. This provides an explanation for failings in many areas and proposes improvements to mitigate these failings. Cognitive told are also introduced to provide a better perspective on leadership problems.

Module 2: Building on the basics - Missions, Effects, Main efforts and the three components.

How can we do it better? Now we understand the basics we explore relevant elements of basic military doctrine and their potential application to clinical leadership. This allows us to begin to act on our improved awareness and fill the cracks we begin to see around us. We also further explore the root cause of many of those cracks.

Module 3: Building a bigger picture - Levels, Orders and Margins.

How does this apply to the wider NHS? And what effects can I have on the bigger picture? We explore the different levels of leadership, from running a 4 man team on take, to considering the perspective of a Chief executive and above. More cognitive tools are then unpacked to help our understanding of interactions between levels and the wider impacts of our actions. The desired end state will be an awareness of how and why we can and should influence the future of our NHS for the better.

The course has been developed and will be delivered by Chris Bowman, a surgical trainee and a combat rolled Army Reservist with front line operational experience. This allows a fusion of medical and military doctrine providing a much-needed fresh perspective on the issues and potential solutions in the field of clinical leadership.



0830 - 0900 - Registration, coffee, welcome

0900 - 1000 - Module 1.1: Transaction and Transformation

1000 - 1015 - Coffee

1015 - 1115 - Module 1.2: Action Centricity and group work

1115 - 1130 - Coffee

1130 - 1300- Module 2.1: The Three Components

1300 - 1345 - Lunch

1345 - 1445 - Module 2.2: Effects, Missions and Main Efforts.

1445 - 1530 - Module 3.1: Levels of Leadership

1530 - 1545 - Coffee

1545 - 1700 - Module 3.2: Higher Orders, Margins and Round-up.

The course will conclude with a free evening drinks reception and canapés from 1800.


For further information please contact


ICC Birmingham
ICC Birmingham
Please see booking site. Please note full conference registration is required.
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