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ASiT Preconference course 2020: Facial Trauma Workshop

ASIT PRECONFERENCE COURSE 2020: Facial trauma workshop

Date and Time: 06/03/2020

Venue: ICC Birmingham

Course Convenors: Mr Chang-Bon Man

Target audience: Medical/Dental Students - ST3 

Overview: This full day Facial Trauma Workshop will cover soft and hard tissue trauma of the facial skeleton with lectures and hands on training. There will be plating of dry bones; frontal, orbit, zygoma, maxilla, and mandible with 2:1 faculty ratio. Suitable for junior trainees in OMFS, ENT and Plastic Surgery. Invited Faculty includes Maxillofacial Trauma expert Mr Mike Perry. 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Understand principles of facial fracture fixation and its application to a variety of fracture configurations.
  2. Familiarity with equipment used to fix facial fractures.

Programme (Please note this programme is provisional only, and subject to change). 

08:00 Registration

08:30 Welcome

Session 1 - Principles of Maxillofacial trauma

09:00     Assessment of Maxillofacial Trauma

09:20     Soft Tissue Injuries

09:40     Fractures and principles of fixation  

10:00     Coffee Break (10 mins)

Session 2 - Upper face

10:10     Craniofacial trauma and the frontal sinus

10:30     Anatomy, biomechanics and approaches to the upper face

10:50     Practical - Simple upper face fractures

11:20     Coffee Break (10 mins)

Session 3 - Mid face

11:30     Anatomy, biomechanics and approaches to the mid face

11:50    Zygomatic Arch, Zygomatic Complex  and Maxillary (Le Fort) fractures

12:10    Practical - Zygomatic Complex fracture

12:40    Orbital fractures

13:00    Practical - Orbital floor plate

13:30      Lunch (40 mins)

Session 4 - Mandible fractures

14:10     Anatomy, biomechanics and approaches to the mandible

14:30    Mandibular Fracture patterns

14:50     Intermaxillary fixation and occlusion

15:10    Practical - IMF : Arch bars, Hybrid MMF

15:40    Coffee Break

15:50    Fixation of Symphyseal, Angle, Condyle

16:10    Practical - Simple Symphysis & Angle  

16:40    Complex mandiblular fractures (defect, comminuted, infected, atrophic)

17:00    Practical - Load bearing

17:30    Close of day


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Please note all programmes are currently provisional and subject to change. All delegates on preconference courses must also be registered to attend the ASiT 2020 Conference. For more information please email 


ICC Birmingham
Birmginham, UK
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