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ASiT Core Urology Pre-Conference Course

ASiT Core Urology


Virtual Pre-Conference Course


Course Convenor: Mei-Ling Henry & Sophie Rintoul-Hoad

Target audience: pan-specialty, pan-grade

Please note this course is not a standalone course, and in order to be eligible to attend, you must register for the ASiT 2021 Virtual Conference.

Course Format:

The aim of the Urology ‘cross-cover’ course is to provide the opportunity to gain the practical knowledge needed while on-call as a Urology SHO and to transition into a registrar. We will also align it with the curriculum of MRCS. Topics will focus on emergency scenarios and common urological presentations.

Course Topics:

  • Phimosis and paraphimosis 

  • Acute testicular pain 

  • Acute ureteric colic

  • Urinary retention 

  • Haematuria 

  • Urological careers


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