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ASiT/ PLASTA Local Flaps Preconference Course 2019

ASIT/plasta local flaps PRECONFERENCE COURSE 2019 

Date and Time: 22/03/2019

Venue: ICC Belfast, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH

Course Convenors: Rebecca Nicholas 

Target audience: Foundation Years - Core Trainees 

Overview: A course covering the local flaps frequently used all over the body including the face and hands to reconstruct aquired or congenital defects. A consultant and specialty trainee faculty will take you through the planning and execution of various local flaps on animal tissue as well as covering the clinical scenarios in which the flaps can be used. We will also spend a part of the day going over what delegates can do to prepare for a career in plastic surgery. 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Know the various local flaps that can be used on the face and hands
  2. Understand the principles behind planning and placement of flaps
  3. Learn and refine surgical technique to execute flaps well
  4. Understand the indications for local flaps
  5. Understand more about preparing for a career in plastic surgery


  1. Principles behind local flaps
  2. Clinical Cases needing flaps
  3. Basic surgical skills overview
  4. Practical: drawing and executing various flaps:
  • Rhomboid
  • Square peg round hole
  • hatchet
  • Z-plasty
  • Bilobed
  • V-Y
  • Transposition
  • Bipedicled
  • Y-V
  • Jumping man
  • Four flap z-plasty


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Please note all programmes are currently provisional and subject to change. All delegates on preconference courses must also be registered to attend the ASiT 2019 Conference. For more information please email 


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