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Upcoming ST3 Interview Courses at the Royal Society of Medicine


Up coming ST3 Interview Courses

General surgery and vascular ST3 interview course - Saturday 2nd March 2019 and Saturday 9th March 2019

The ST3 interview course focuses on high quality small group teaching, which is reinforced by a mock interview running through the day.  The course provides new interview techniques, confidence in our candidates and offers them the chance to practice with individualised feedback.  

For further information and to register, please click here.

Orthopaedics ST3 Interview course - Saturday 9th March 2019

Don't miss this opportunity to gain practice and to receive top tips for your ST3 interview.  

The course provides a real time mock interview circuit for each candidate, including a practical procedures station with the same tools and equipment used in the actual orthopaedics ST3 interview. The afternoon lecture programme will address a comprehensive review of each station in turn, providing candidates with the tools needed to excel at each station.  

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