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ASiT / MedAll Virtual Surgical Summit 2020

ASiT / MEDall virtual surgical summit 17 October 2020



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a focus on how we used to do things and how we can do things better. To address the challenges the pandemic posed to healthcare, 5 years worth of innovation has happened in just 3 months. Many of the perceived barriers to innovation vanished overnight. To reflect this, we are proud to bring you an international virtual summit to discover how innovation will shape our new future, for surgical trainees and our patients. An unmissable opportunity to be inspired by innovators, exploring technology that will shape your training and practice.


Online registration has now closed

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ASiT Global Surgery Bursary

We are honoured to democratise access to the event and have 200 bursaries for healthcare professionals joining from low and middle-income countries. For more information on how to apply please CLICK HERE.


Abstract Submission Guidelines

We are pleased to announce that online abstract submission is now open. Full submission guidelines are available below. In particular, please note:

•  Abstracts must be no more than 200 words in length. This does not include the title, and titled sections (Introduction, Method, Result, and Conclusion)
•  The submitting author should be the author presenting at the conference

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 23:59, September 16th, 2020

Abstract Formatting:

Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words. Unless it is a case study, abstracts should be formatted as four sections: Introduction, Method, Result, Conclusion.

Abstract Categories:

Abstracts covering all ten surgical specialities and other areas of interest to surgical trainees will be considered. Abstracts can be submitted for consideration under the following prize categories:

  • ASiT Innovation Prize 
  • Summit Research Prize 
  • COVID Investigator Prize 
  • Education and training Prize 
  • EuroSurg Collaborative Prize
  • GASOC Global Surgery Prize  
  • MedTech Foundation Student Prize  
  • Quality Improvement Prize
  • Miscellaneous

Submission Rules:

ASiT takes a serious view of research governance. The material contained within a submitted paper must not have been previously published or presented at any major meeting.

Previous presentation at hospital, medical school, local or regional meetings is acceptable provided the abstract has not previously been published following this.

Please ensure that the abstract has been seen and agreed by all of the named authors before submission. All authors have a responsibility to ensure that the data submitted is accurate, is not extrapolated and fairly represents the presentation to be given at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

General advice about authorship, conflicts of interest, redundant publication and patient confidentiality in medical publishing can be found on the British Medical Journal website at

Commercial support and industry involvement must be clearly stated.

1. The abstract should be no longer than 200 words (not including title). It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep to the word limit.

2. Abstracts this year are to be submitted as text only. No graphics or tables are allowed.

3. Abstracts are welcome on any subject in the field of Surgery. The work should be original and not previously published in abstract or paper form prior to submission, or submitted to any major meeting previously. 

4. Please use a spell checker on your abstract before submitting it.

5. All areas of the form must be completed; failure to do so will result in the form being rejected and your browser returning an error.

6. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is correct and to check the content of your abstract and especially contact information. We cannot be held responsible for your abstract not being graded as the content was missing or for failure to notify successful authors of abstract acceptance if you did not fill the form in correctly.

7. Once completed and submitted electronically you cannot submit the same abstract again – make sure the first one is correct! You can however edit the submission up to the closing time of submission.

8. Please ensure your e-mail address is correct as you will be notified by e-mail if your abstract has been accepted.

9. DO NOT submit the same abstract twice, it will be difficult to decide which one to delete – either edit your abstract or delete it all together.

10. Evidence of falsification of results, plagiarism and/or misrepresentation will be treated as professional misconduct and will be reported to your Deanery and/or GMC for further investigation.

11. Case report abstract submissions are welcome under any relevant prize category.

Please note: The person registering and submitting your abstract online will receive all future correspondence regarding that abstract. It is therefore not advisable to submit abstracts on behalf of colleagues. The author that intends to present the abstract should complete the online submission.


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The David Nott Foundation was established with a simple mission: to provide the surgeons and medical professionals working in the most hostile environments with the skills and the confidence to save more lives. Environmental catastrophe and civil unrest is increasingly becoming an inherent part of our global landscape. At the frontlines of these crises are the doctors and medical professionals who work tirelessly – often against the odds – to help victims and provide medical care. Yet in countries where resources are scarce, and access to equipment and training is limited, these doctors are left to face the most challenging of circumstances, ill-equipped and unsupported.

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Free to ASiT members and ASiT Global Surgery Bursary successful applicants / £5 for non-members
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