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Virtual Reality in Medicine & Surgery: Pre-Conference Course

Brighton & Sussex

Medical School:

Virtual Reality in

Medicine & Surgery

Virtual Pre-Conference Course


Course Convenor: Jag Dhanda

Target audience: all training grades

Please note this course cannot be booked as a standalone course. To be eligible to attend, you must register for the ASiT Virtual Conference 2021.

Course Format:

Virtual Reality in Medicine & Surgery (VRiMS) and Brighton & Sussex Medical School are delighted to offer ASiT members one day access to 360-degree recorded content re-streamed content from the first and second VRiMS courses. Delegates will be able to choose their own content from the below list to design their own experience. Registration includes a smartphone headset, which is required to view the material.


Course Specialty

360VR content covered

Day 1: Head and neck reconstruction

VR Cadaveric Anterolateral thigh flap and mark up

VR Cadaveric Medial sural artery free flap and mark up

VR Cadaveric Fibula free flap dissection and mark up

VR Virtual surgical planning for mandibular reconstruction with a fibula free flap


Day 2: Facial aesthetics, deformity and Facial palsy

VR orthognathic assessment

VR orthognathic surgical techniques and demystifying presurgical orthodontics

VR cadaveric rhinoplasty and patient assessment

VR cadaveric blepharoplasty and patient assessment

VR cadaveric rhytidectomy and patient assessment

VR assessment of patient for facial palsy

VR cadaveric Gracilis flap

VR cadaveric Labbe procedure

VR cadaveric Fascia lata sling procedure

Day 3: ENT surgery and hand surgery

VR flexible nasendoscopy

VR bronchoscopy setup

VR microlarynogoscopy

VR Steiner set-up for transoral laser and principles of Steiner surgery

VR combined midface setup and approach

VR anatomy and cadaveric dissection pectoralis major flap

VR setup for transoral robotic surgery

VR variability in flap vessel anatomy

VR surface markings of dorsal hand flaps

VR cadaveric Brunelli, Moschella, Maruyama and Quaba flaps demonstration

VR cadaveric Posterior interosseous artery flap

VR cadaveric Lateral arm flap

Day 4: Vascular, breast and orthopaedic surgery

VR anatomy of the axilla and key landmarks

VR mark up for breast reduction, breast reduction and Benelli approach

VR cadaveric Deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) free flap

VR cadaveric demonstration of anterolateral and posterior approach to hip VR demonstration of cementing techniques on femoral saw bone

VR demonstration of medial and lateral and posterolateral approach to ankle

VR abdominal aneurysm repair

VR forearm arteriovenous fistula

VR femoral artery grafting

Day 5: Anaesthetics and Emergency medicine/HEMS

VR simulation of critical incident

VR simulation of management of malignant hypertension

VR demonstration of fibreoptic intubation

VR axillary nerve block

VR jet ventilation

VR prehospital trauma simulation/moulage

VR primary survey,

VR shoulder relocation

VR demonstration of human factors in handovers

VR emergency resuscitative thoracotomy (clamshell approach)

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