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The Association of Surgeons in Training Executive Committee

The ASiT committee are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting. If you'd like to get involved and are considering standing for a committee position then please get in touch.


President Gemma Humm

Gemma has been elected ASiT President following a 2-year tenure as ASiT Honorary Secretary and prior to that, ASiT Eastern Regional Representative. Gemma graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2007, and the University of Birmingham in 2012. Gemma is a General Surgery Specialist Trainee in KSS, following training in both the East of England and Mersey. Gemma will move OOP to undertake a PhD at UCL in Surgical Technology later in 2018.   

Immediate Past President Helen Mohan

Ensuring excellence in surgical training is essential to ensure high quality care for patients both now and in the future. I am a General and Colorectal Surgery SpR in Ireland, currently on maternity leave during ST5. My previous roles in ASiT include vice president for 2016-2017, yearbook editor for 2015-16, and deputy yearbook editor for 2014-15, as well as regional representative for the Republic of Ireland.

My main aim for ASiT is that we must ensure that surgery remains a sustainable and attractive career for the next generation of surgeons to attract and retain enthusiastic committed doctors. ASiT's strength lies in you, its members. I invite ASiT members to get in touch with their regional representatives or any of the ASiT executive with any ideas you have on how we can better represent you. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Vice President Nish Srikandarajah

I am a neurosurgical trainee in Liverpool currently undertaking a PhD at The Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool. The ASiT conference, courses, awards, bursaries and prizes offer unparalleled value for our members. I believe we can find solutions to the issues of our surgical training together, and ensure it is improved and maintained to a good quality not only for us but for future surgical trainees and patients. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me; I am surprisingly nice despite being a neurosurgical registrar!

Vice President Christina Fleming

I started my surgical training in 2012 and I am now a General and Colorectal Surgery SpR in Ireland. I am currently completing an MD exploring the impact of the perioperative period on oncological outcomes in colorectal cancer using genomic and metabolomic biomarkers.  I have greatly benefited from being an ASiT member throughout my surgical training and I have also really enjoyed my time as an ASiT regional representative where I had the opportunity to sit on a trainee management committees and give a voice to trainee views on a important issues. In my new role as Vice President I look forward to further increasing my contribution to ASiT and all of you who are our members. The landscape of surgical training is in great transition with current restructuring. As a result, ASiT has a real opportunity to impact how training will continue to develop well into the future and to ensure that the quality of surgical training is protected.

Past President Adam Williams

It was a hugely humbling experience to take on this last role, and I spent my year working towards a few particular goals: to reduce our costs to members whilst maintaining our standards, to improve our support and working relationships with the trainee specialty organisations and to be a strong and visible national voice for your views.

Past President Vimal Gokani

My journey with ASiT started in 2010 when I became the Academic Representative, and I remained on Council then the Executive as Yearbook Editor. I was honoured to be elected President of The Association of Surgeons in Training in 2014/15. Discussions which have continued include the Shape of Training (dubbed Improving Surgical Training), the JCST fee (which has just increased), issues with contracts, work-place based assessments, surgical care practitioners, less-than full-time training equality and contracts - to name a few.

Honorary Secretary Joshua Clements

Associate Honorary Secretary Gemma Hogg

I graduated from  St. Andrews/Manchester University and then completed my foundation training in the East of Scotland.  I am currently working as a surgical anatomy demonstrating role at the University of  Edinburgh in parallel to completing research projects in hereditary chromatosis in liver transplant patients and looking in to survival outcomes in laryngectomy patients.  I wish to pursue a career in ENT surgery and have thoroughly enjoyed my teaching commitments so far.  I have greatly benefited from my involvement from ASiT being the local regional representative for East of Scotland prior to progressing to the Executive Committee, helping to develop new surgical courses  and giving a voice to our trainees.  ASiT continues to deliver an excellent array of courses throughout the year and this would not be possible without the grateful support from our sponsors who also help significantly with the Annual International Conference and donating prizes for our competitions. 

Director of Education Anthony Thavenithiran

Anthony is a General Surgical Registrar in KSS, but currently out of program doing a full time PhD at the Royal London Major Trauma Centre/ Centre for Trauma Sciences.  He is investigating therapeutic agents to treat Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy In Vivo.  He also also currently on the Executive Committee for the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) as Director of Education and has been directly involved with the setting up of the new Major Trauma TiG Fellowships and sits as a trainee representative on the Joint Committee for Surgical Training (JCST), Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE), RCS Research and Quality Group and ASGBI Council.  The ASiT conference, prizes, bursaries and grants provide unique value to our members, and through this executive role, hopes to ensure fair representation of ASiT's members while maintaining the ethos of ASiT on a national level. 

Treasurer Adam Peckham-Cooper

Adam is a General Surgery registrar in the Yorkshire and Humber Region and is fast approaching finally writing up an MD exploring the use of oncolytic virus for the treatment of micrometastases. A natural researcher he is not and the light at the end of the dark tunnel is very much an oasis in the desert! He is much more comfortable in the teaching, medical leadership/political role and has been involved in ASiT since 2012 and a member of the Executive committee for the last 3 years in the role of Honorary Treasurer. Adam passionately believes in improving surgical training for all and would encourage you all to get involved with ASiT so your voice can be heard.

Yearbook EditorJames Glasbey

James is an Academic Clinical Fellow in Colorectal Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He has active research interests in complex clinical trials methodology, perioperative care and surgical training. James holds steering roles in national and international collaborative research networks; Student Audit and Research in Surgery (STARSurg) and Global Outcomes in Surgery (GlobalSurg). 

Webmaster & Bursary Liaison Praveena Deekonda 

Praveena is an academic foundation doctor (surgical research) based in Southampton. Her specialty interests include neurosurgery and ENT, other interests include surgical simulation and medicolegal politics. 

Having been on council previously as the medical student representative, Praveena is passionate about ensuring ASiT continues to provide high-quality courses, prizes/awards and opportunities for all trainees. If you have any suggestions on how ASiT can improve our website to better suit your needs, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Publicity Officer Nathan Walker

Nathan is a Bristol University Graduate and a Foundation Year Doctor in the Trent region. As the youngest ever member on Executive Council, he is determined to not let his junior status affect his role as publicity officer. A former medical student representative for ASiT, a current UK lead for MEDtube and junior ambassador for the GIANT health event, Nathan has a wealth of experience in PR roles and social media utilisation.

His interests include General Surgery, ENT and digital health technology/innovation. Please get in contact with courses or events you think ASiT could publicise for you! We look forward to welcoming you to #ASiT2019 

Data Compliance Officer Phillip Pucher

I am an upper GI trainee in Wessex, and hold an honorary clinical lectureship at Imperial College London where I maintain a research interest in surgical education, simulation, and patient safety.  I sit on several surgical committees both in the UK and the USA and am involved with the development of new surgical simulators through a London-based tech startup.  I am passionate about mentorship, collaborative working, and trainee development!

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