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Black Belt Academy of Surgical Skills

black belt academy of surgical skills

Interactive Breakout Session at #ASiT2021

Join Mr David O'Regan, cardiac surgeon, Black Belt Academy of Surgical Skills lead and Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of the Royal College of Surgeons Of Edinburgh at 13:45-14:45 on Saturday 6th March at the ASiT Virtual Conference 2021 for an interactive breakout session on developing key surgical skills.

Mr O’Regan will take you through key surgical priciples live and you can work alongside him from the comfort of your own home. There will be a competition during the session with prizes to be won. The event is suitable for trainees of all stage, for more information please visit the Black Belt Academy of Surgical Skills on social media:

  • Instagram: @blackbeltsurgicalskills
  • Facebook: BlackBeltAcademyofSurgicalSkills
  • Website:
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