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ASiT 2020 Conference Prize Winners

ASiT 2020 Prize Winners


Thank you to everyone who submitted abstracts to the ASiT Annual Conference 2020 in Birmingham. The quality was excellent this year. ASiT is grateful to the supporting organisations and all those who helped with marking and judging. 

Congratulations to all prize winners. Here is a list of all the awards:

ASiT Conference 2020 Prizes



ASiT Swann-Morton Medal

Winner: Aliyah Hussein

Title: Risk factors for retrieved but not transplanted deceased donor livers in the UK: a national registry analysis


TMS Poster of Distinction Prize

Winner: Megan Lloyd

Title: Predicting Response To Neoadjuvant Therapy From Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma Pre-Treatment Biopsies



ASiT Medical Student Poster of Distinction

Winner: Sherwin Fernando

Title: Post-operative outcomes in a forgotten group: the importance of timing of emergency laparotomies on elderly patients


Mammary Fold Prize

Winner: Emma Sewart

Title: The impact of radiotherapy on patient-reported outcomes of immediate implant-based breast reconstruction: Results of a prospective multicentre cohort study


BOTA Prize

Winner: Timothy McAleese 

Title: The importance of the proposed Irish Major Trauma Network: an audit of the initial management of patients suffering Major Trauma


BOTA/Orthopaedic Research UK Prize

Winner: Andrea McCarthy

Title: Improvement in orthopaedic services with the introduction of a pilot virtual fracture clinic: a time and cost analysis


BASO Trainees Prizes

1st Winner (oral): Rory Brittain (Lymph node involvement and survival in gastro-oesophageal cancer)

2nd Winner (poster): Emily Louise Sams (Incidence and Treatment of positive pelvic sidewall (PSW) lymph nodes in patients with advanced rectal cancer; a retrospective study)


Roux Group Trainee Prize

Winner: Philip Chiang

Title: A retrospective study on the impact of waiting times for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on unplanned admissions and interventions across three sites in the West of Scotland.



ALSGBI Trainee Prize

Winner: Bronwyn Woodburn

Title: The Introduction and Evolution of Diagnostic Laparoscopies in Tanzania


AOT Prize

Winner: Simon McClean

Title: A retrospective analysis of ultrasound examination of thyroid nodules using the U classification and thyroid imaging, reporting and data system (TIRADS)



Rouleaux Club Prize

Winner: Jacob Wilson

Title: Risk of Contrast Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Vascular Patients with Pre-Existing Kidney Disease Following Peripheral Arteriogram.




Winner: Christina Whitehead

Title: Synovial Sarcoma – a Ten Year Review of the North of England Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service



Dukes Club Prize

Winner: Liam Cato

Title: Delorme’s procedure: outcomes and follow-up for social burden


BNTA Prize

Winner: Jason Yang

Title: A Prognostic Model and Web-App for Predicting Ordinal Outcomes following Burr-Hole Surgery for Chronic Subdural Haematoma




Winner: Moeez Uddin

Title: Identical Head & Neck Cancer Surgery in Identical Twins with Identical Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma – A Case of Indiscernibility of Identicals?



BAPS Prize

Winner: Tsitsi Chituku

Title: Developing a Fast Track Paediatric Herniotomy Service at a Yorkshire District General Hospital.



SCTS Prize

Winner: Naim Slim

Title: Innovating a novel brain protection device for use in cardiac surgery and cardiac arrest: a cool solution using diffusion-absorption-refrigeration technology


SARS Prize

Winner: Marwah Salih

Title: Identification of a novel target for prevention of permanent paraplegia following thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair.


ASGBI Short Paper Prize

Winner: Jia Xun Choong

Title: Life Expectancy in Emergency Laparotomy: Which patients should we be operating on?


ESSQ Surgical Education Prize

Winner: Zak Vinnicombe

Title: Priced out: Is the cost of surgical training acting as a barrier to entry?


STARSurg Medical Student Prize

Winner: Serish Arshad

Title: Journal ranking Methods and Their Application in General Surgery - A Systematic Review


IJS Case Report Prize

Winner: Nikhil Mayor

Title: Primary Localised Amyloidosis of the Bladder: A Rare Mimic of Urinary Tract Malignancy


RCS PGCert Medical Education Prize

Winner: Jason Yang

Title: Virtual Reality Simulation – a future cornerstone of undergraduate medical education?


British Hernia Society Prize

Winner: Elspeth Murray

Title: Post-operative outcomes using ONSTEP inguinal hernia repair – The First UK Case Series


IME Ethics Prize

Winner: Georgia Scott

Title: Consent: The New Legal Landscape


BOMSS Trainee Prize

Winner: Hatem Al Saadi

Title: Tackling Obesity in the Arabian Gulf: Public Awareness of Obesity and Their Perceptions towards Bariatric Surgery in Oman and Kuwait



Winner: Rahy Farooq

Title: Closing the audit loop on inadvertent parathyroidectomy during thyroid surgery – How are we doing at a specialist endocrine surgery centre?



GlobalSurg Global Surgery Prize

Winner: Archie Allen

Title: Barriers to accessing and providing lower limb amputee rehabilitation services in the Western Area, Sierra Leone – the patient and local staff perspective


Herrick Society Prize

Winner: Lisi Hu

Title: Organ donation education in schools significantly increases organ donor registration, knowledge, and family discussion.


BSOT Prizes:

Winner: Zain Siddiqui (A true day-case Bi-polar Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) with same day trial without catheter (TWOC): Is it possible?)

Runner-up: Zhi - Yang Low (Does intervention improve long-term relative renal function for chronic ureteric obstruction? - a case series of 268 patients)


BJS Prize

Winner: Tun Giap Tan

Title: Prophylactic topical tranexamic acid versus placebo in surgical patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis


Journal of Surgical Simulation Prize

Winner: Maria Constantinides

Title: Microsurgical Simulation Training


Major Trauma TiG Prize

Winner: Joseph Burgin

Title: The use of pulse oximetry for the diagnosis of vascular disruption following limb trauma


WinS Prize

Winner: Alexander Baldwin

Title: ‘Dear Sir…’: An example of unconscious bias in the ‘letters to the editor’ section of surgical journals


Gray’s Surgical Anatomy Human Factors Prize

Winner: Lucy Godfrey

Title: Improving education for the timely set up of cell salvage in the case of emergency surgery via the use of educational video


Collaborative Research Prize

Winner: Jennifer Waterman

Title: PIES – Pregnancy testing in Emergency Surgery - A Welsh Multi-centre audit in pregnancy testing in women presenting with acute abdominal pain in collaboration with the Welsh Barbers Research Group.

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