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ATDG TrAIN-ME audit: quanTitAtive analysis of training time

TrAIN-ME audit
quanTitAtive analysIs of traiNing tiME



Dear colleague, 

We are excited to announce the latest national collaborative audit project from the Academy of Trainee Doctors Group (ATDG) and the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT).
TrAIN-ME: quanTitAtive analysis of training time
The aims of the TrAIN-ME audit are to provide frontline evidence of training conditions of doctors in the UK to influence policy change and advocate for doctors across all medical and surgical specialties. We will explore staffing levels, rota compliance, junior doctors normal working day intensity, on call work intensity and current training opportunities. 

Data from the audit will be held anonymously and no identifiable information will be collected.

Why join the TrAIN-ME audit? 
  • Provide frontline evidence of training conditions of doctors in the UK 
  • Support positive action to improve training across specialties at the highest levels of policy and government
  • Have your say! Without your data, your specialty group and region may be underrepresented and miss out on the chance to highlight issues relevant to you.
  • Every participant who contributes their data will gain PubMed-citable collaborator status!
  • It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete!
The TrAIN-ME audit goes LIVE this Monday 21/1/2019 and is available for 6 WEEKS (last one week period starting 25/2/2019) - don't miss out!
Key steps to be involved:
  1. Choose a one-week time period between 21st January 2019 and 4th March 2019.
  2. Collect data on your day-to-day sessional activity (number of patients seen, number of hours in different activities) - see the audit Case Report Form PDF for the included data fields.
  3. Enter your data onto our secure online REDCap system.
  4. Share the project with your friends and colleagues across ALL disciplines! It's essential this audit is as representative as possible across all surgical and medical specialties.
Click to upload your data now
With your input we can change training together for the better.
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The Association of Surgeons in Training
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