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ASiT Council Recruitment Protocol 2021

ASiT Council Recruitment Protocol 2021



This protocol outlines the application process for all new ASiT Council roles. The aim is to streamline the application process and promote equality, diversity and inclusivity.


Application Process

  • Roles advertised as per communications protocol (Application period opens 10th June 2021 and closes 10th July 2021)
  • Applicants to be completed using Google Form by 10th July 2021
  • Responses collated in Google Spreadsheet
  • Applications screened by Associate Honorary Secretary to ensure all forms are appropriately completed and suitable for marking
  • Applications are anonymised by removing personal identifiers (Full name, email address and ASiT membership number) and forwarded to the current ASiT council for triple marking against pre-set marking criteria
  • Top 3 applications submitted to all council members for virtual voting by 31st July 2021
  • Successful applicants informed by the Honorary Secretary team


Application Forms

Background Details:

Full name, ASiT membership number, email address, training details (e.g. for Medical Student Representative: study year and university, for Foundation/IST/Regional Representatives: stage of training and hospital). Note that full name, email address and ASiT membership number are anonymised prior to council dissemination for marking.

Personal Statement:

Questions including particular skills and attributes which make candidates suitable for the role, previous experiences and roles in teamwork, leadership and representation, vision for the role, an example of a course candidate intends to deliver and strategy to deliver it.

Curriculum Vitae:

Questions including a brief description of career intentions, prizes, presentations (oral and poster), publications, teaching experience, activities and achievements which demonstrate commitment to a surgical career.


Application Reference

A 200-word reference from a consultant supervisor (for regional representatives) or consultant/registrar supervisor (foundation representative) outlining candidates’ suitability for the role. This is not necessary for medical school representative applications. 


Regional Representative posts open for recruitment June 2021:

  • Eastern
  • East Midlands
  • London – North East
  • London – South East
  • Mersey
  • Northern
  • North West
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Peninsula
  • Scotland – East
  • Scotland – North
  • Severn
  • Wessex
  • Yorkshire & Humber


Regional Representative posts open for recruitment June 2022:

  • West Midlands
  • London - Kent, Sussex, Surrey
  • London - North West
  • London - South West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Oxford
  • Scotland – South East
  • Scotland – West
  • Wales


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