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ASiT Voluntary COVID Logbook


Surgical trainees across all grades and specialities are currently facing significant changes in their personal and professional lives as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will likely mean a greater proportion of your working hours are directed away from surgical training and towards tackling the pandemic. Some may have been redeployed to an unfamiliar working environment. Despite these changes, we would like all trainees to achieve training opportunities and develop transferable skills.

We have devised a “COVID logbook” that you can complete to objectively record your clinical activity at any frequency you wish. We have worked with the JCST to develop the domains to match their guidance on the voluntary recording of COVID-19 related experience in ISCP. The COVID logbook has been created by trainees, for trainees, with the sole intention of providing YOU with an accurate and useful record of your changing clinical experiences This is completely voluntary but could be uploaded to your ISCP and brought as evidence to your ARCP/training reviews as a prospective culmination and documentation of your clinical activity and reflection.


You can download the COVID logbook HERE.

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