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Aspiring Trauma Surgeon? Major Trauma TIG is coming.


Attention Aspiring Trauma Surgeons

If you aim to be a Major Trauma Centre (MTC) Consultant (Vascular, General, T&O) then take note, the Major Trauma TIG is Coming - a Pre-CCT Opportunity for Resuscitative and Reconstructive surgeons alike, with exposure to all the skills and disciplines necessary for a career in Trauma

Major trauma networks are now established across the country. However there remain serious workforce issues both in respect of the numbers of doctors available and training opportunity.

To support trainees wishing to work within the trauma networks and to make sure that every patient is met at the front door by a team with all the necessary skills, plus ongoing coordinated clinical care, specially designed fellowships will be launched in 2017.

Start getting your CV ready because competition will be fierce!


Click HERE to download further details, or email the MTC TIG Chair, Martin D Bircher via Megan Warde

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