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ATDG TrAIN-ME audit: quanTitAtive analysis of training time

TrAIN-ME audit
quanTitAtive analysIs of traiNing tiME

DEADLINE: March 23, 2020




Dear Colleagues,


Hi Thank you for taking the time to complete this snapshot audit to support trainees in their training pathways. You need to: 

  1. Choose a one-week time period between 10th February 2020 and 23rd March 2020.
  2. Collect data on your day-to-day sessional activity (number of patients seen, number of hours in different activities) and fill your data in the survey below.

Data from this audit will be held anonymously and no identifiables are collected.



  • To provide frontline evidence of training conditions for doctors in the UK to advocatefor doctors and influence policy change as required.
  • Explore the impact of staffing levels, rota compliance, junior doctors normal working day intensity, on call work intensity on training opportunities.

Time required: 10-15 minutes to complete.


If you need to leave the survey and wish to return later with your partially completed responses, please click 'Save & Return Later' and keep your Return Code safe. This can be entered by clicking the box 'Returning' in the top right corner of the survey, allowing you to start where you left off.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETE THE AUTHOR/CONTRIBUTOR FORM FOUND ON THE AUDIT COMPLETION NOTIFICATION. There will not be another opportunity to complete this after data submission.


Many thanks for your kind support

Train-Me Working Group

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