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DRAFFT Impact Study - National Orthopaedic Collaborative
National Orthopaedic Collaborative - DIS -  the DRAFFT Impact Study.
The National Orthopaedic Collaborative group is soon to begin data collection for DIS (the DRAFFT Impact Study), led by the Birmingham Orthopaedic Network ( ).
The project aims to establish current practice for acute adult distal radius fractures treated surgically in the UK.
DIS represents a quick win for collaborators, as we are including the last 20 cases managed in 2017 at each site. Yes, that's n=20 only to collect retrospectively per site.
Our dry run indicates that collaboration will take around 90-120 minutes once records have been located. Data collection will end July 31st 2018.
Credit will be given to all collaborators when publishing, following the ASIT guidelines in the IJS .
Protocol here:
Register to collaborate here:
Thank you,
Harry Claireaux
DIS - the DRAFFT Impact Study
National Orthopaedic Collaborative Group
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