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Health and Wellbeing in Surgery Survey

the Surgical profession - your health and work


Please take the time to complete this survey to explore wellbeing in the surgical profession


It is known that working as a surgeon can be highly pressurised and stressful. As a result of initiatives made in the previous decades, such as the ACGME and EU-working directives, which limit doctors in the amount of hours they can work, the topic of wellbeing and the surgical profession has been at the forefront of discussions. Lifestyle medicine and professional adaptions have shown promising results in addressing ongoing issues surrounding topics of fatigue and burnout in the surgical profession. This survey explores these topics in the context of surgical staff.

To complete this survey you must be a surgical trainee or surgeon. The survey consists of a series of questions relating to personal lifestyle and perceptions of professional workstyle factors. It should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Should you decide to complete the survey, please return responses by September 1st.

Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and all of your responses will be kept confidential. This is an anonymous survey and means you cannot withdraw your response if you complete and submit the survey. Your IP address will not be recorded and therefore cannot be traced. The SJH/AMNCH Research Ethics Committee has approved this survey.


CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

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