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Multiple Consultant Report (MCR): Request for feedback
Request for feedback on Multiple Consultant Report (MCR)

Dear ASiT member, 

The new surgical curriculum will be introduced in August 2020. The content of each specific speciality curriculum is currently going through a GMC approval process. 

What is a Multiple Consultant Report?

All Curriculi will have a common assessment process. This assessment will be done through a new Multiple Consultant Report (MCR) which will consider performance against Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC) and Capabilities in Practice (CiP). 
  • Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC) describe the essential knowledge, skills, and behaviours that a doctor needs to provide safe, effective and high-quality medical care. The GPC framework gives a detailed description of those capabilities and is divided into 9 main domains. 
  • Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) outcome-based assessment of the trainee’s capability of performing a day to day consultant job at the level of day 1 consultant in  5 main areas
  • Further information on GPC and CiPs can be found here link. 
  • The MCR is a judgement of trainee performance relative to their stage of training. Clinical Supervisors who work with trainees on a day-to-day basis, assess trainees against each of the GPC domains and CIPs areas. 

Why are MCR being adopted for assessment?

The MCR was designed to reduce the number of granular work based assessments required, provide a more global assessment of progress and generate useful formative and summative feedback. The MCR will take place at the mid-point and end-point of each placement. The mid-point meeting will provide informal feedback; the end of placement MCR will feed into the AES report and ARCP and will be compared with the trainee’s self-assessment report. 

Why should members do an MCR Trial and provide feedback?

The MCR assessment tool is currently being trialed and ISCP are currently looking for feedback on the user experience. Feedback received will be used to improve the final version.  It is crucial that surgical trainees engage in this process in order to ensure that the assessment process is as constructive as possible for our training. Furthermore, any potential for subjectivity or bias must be identified and highlighted. 

How to trial it?

Thus, we are asking all ASiT members to try the MSF Demo through the link below. Current and upcoming appraisal sessions with trainers are the perfect opportunity to complete this trial. Once you tried the MCR Demo, please don’t forget to submit your review HERE to the JCST. Please do use the free text box liberally to highlight any concerns and provide suggestions for improvement. 

ASiT’s Role

ASiT will continue to represent the interests of trainees at all points during the design and implementation of the new curriculum.  If there is any further feedback on the MCR you would like to provide directly to us, Please do not hesitate to contact us ( and we can raise this in person at an upcoming JCST meeting 
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