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ReSurgEnt Survey - Views on Surgical Research Collaboratives

ReSurgEnt Survey - views on surgical Research Collaboratives

Dear Trainee, 

We would appreciate your views on surgical trainee collaborative research through completion of a questionnaire survey, available at the following link: This should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Participants who complete the survey by 19th November 2017 can choose to be entered into a prize draw to win one of three Love2shop gift vouchers (each £50 value).

Since 2006, surgical trainee research collaboratives have grown across all surgical specialities in the UK and have reached up to 99% of hospital sites. They have provided high quality trainee-led projects including several randomised controlled trials and multiple observational cohort studies. There has been great enthusiasm for collaborative research, however, we are aware that not all trainees have been involved. We are keen to explore the reasons that may have encouraged you to participate (and to what extent) and those that may have discouraged you. Understanding this would provide the collaborative research networks with much needed information about how to improve engagement with trainees and to address concerns and apprehensions.

Thank You

Mr Nick Heywood, Miss Natalie Blencowe, and Professor Jane Blazeby

On Behalf of the ReSurgEnt Survey Collaboration

Nick Heywood
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