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ASiT Mentoring Scheme for Surgical Trainees
ASiT Mentoring Scheme for Surgical Trainees
Following our successful national survey regarding mentoring in surgical training, ASiT are now launching a National Mentoring Scheme for all trainees in surgery.


ASiT believes that there is an opportunity to better support surgical trainees through effective mentoring.

Mentorship has a valuable pastoral role to play in enabling trainees to achieve their maximum potential, whilst developing leadership and interpersonal skills.

The ASiT Mentoring Scheme aims to provide surgical trainees and those interested in a surgical career with a formal mentor, separate from the clinical environment. The scheme was conceptualised following the results of a national survey of ASiT members from all surgical specialities suggesting there was a great desire for surgical mentors and for training in mentoring others.

Progression of the scheme from pilot to present 

We are proud to have trained over 60 ASiT mentors and have mentored over 130 mentees. These numbers are likely to grow over the coming years, as we move from using an external coach, to using our own trained faculty. We have been able to remove the associated cost of an external trainer and the ASiT mentoring course is now free to trainees. As the mentoring scheme evolves, we have streamlined the course into a 2-day weekend course, with virtual follow-up/ refresher and masterclass sessions. We will continue to develop based on feedback from mentors and mentees.

We sometimes think that mentoring in surgery should be about career progression only. The ASiT mentoring scheme caters for this. However, it also allows trainees to discuss any goals that they aspire to achieve, whether they be personal, professional or ethical. Mentee feedback confirms that being able to talk through difficult work relationships or personal conflicts can maximise performance at work. The ASiT course teaches skills in high level listening, questioning, challenge, feedback and techniques to help trainees move past self-limiting beliefs. 

Several mentees have said

 ‘I’ve never talked to anyone about this….’ 

‘I haven’t felt able to discuss this with anyone….’ 

We believe that everything that happens to us, even in our personal lives, impacts our ability to perform at our very best - so ASiT's scheme is very much about maximising potential. 

We want to look after each other and make sure that every surgical trainee feels supported.

Click HERE to see a typical course programme outline. 

The course is free for ASiT members. We are planning to run the course later in the year in the UK- dates will be advertised shortly. 

GET INVOLVED: You can be a mentor, a mentee or both! 



Do you want a mentor? If so, complete the form below! 

Any problems? Email

If you are a surgical trainee (from medical student to registrar), we have a cohort of trained mentors to help you reach your maximum potential.


If you would like to train as a mentor, we run training courses to expand our number of trained mentors. This involves a new revised 1 day Foundation skills in Mentoring training course, or having completed the previous ASiT 3 day mentoring course. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the ASiT mentor training course and you will then join the register of trained ASiT mentors. Training is free to ASiT members, although a deposit is required which will be refunded if you attend.


UPCOMING COURSE DATES - 16th/17th November 2019 - SOLD OUT 

New course dates coming soon!

Click HERE to see the results of the ASiT Mentoring Survey (Poster  HERE) - 

You can also access the ASiT article 'Modern Mentors', published in RCSEd Surgeons News HERE.

ASiT also published a consensus reccomendations for mentoring programmes, which can be accessed HERE


ASiT Mentoring Lead: Piriyah Sinclair

ASiT Associate Mentoring Lead: Nathan Walker

Mentoring Resources

Files relating to the application and mentoring process can be downloaded below.

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