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ASiT x BSoT Travelling Fellowship Grant
ASiT x BSoT Travelling Fellowship Grant
ASiT and BSoT are thrilled to present the ASiT x BSoT Travelling Fellowship Grant! Deadline to apply Dec 17, 2023, 23:59

🌟 Exciting Opportunity for Urology Trainees! 🌟

The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT), in collaboration with BSoT, is delighted to announce the availability of educational bursaries for higher surgical trainees. These bursaries are intended to provide financial support towards furthering your surgical education and skills.
The purpose of this grant is to enable higher urology trainees with the opportunity to travel to a centre of excellence within the UK or internationally in order to gain surgical experience not available in their local training region. 
It is expected that trainees will apply to centres of excellence in their anticipated sub-specialty with an operative practice which is either novel (i.e. not performed in their region or excellent; in a world-renowned centre for a surgical technique or condition). This may act as an opportunity to create a link between the trainees home region and fellowship hospital, or pave the way to a longer term fellowship following completion of training. 
The grant will cover travel, accommodation, subsistence and hospital registration costs associated with the fellowship but not pay the trainee a salary. It is expected that this fellowship will last between 1-2 working weeks.
The bursary is intended to help cover costs associated with the additional educational activity
Application criteria:
Applicant must be a higher surgical trainee (Urology ST5+).
Applicant must be a member of both the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) and BAUS Section of Trainees (BSoT).
The activity to be funded must be relevant to urology and enhance the applicant's surgical skills or knowledge.
Applications must be received at least 8 weeks prior to fellowship start date.
*Application Process:*
Applicants must submit the following:
1. An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV).
2. A completed application form:
Name of applicant. 
Email contact of applicant. 
Current job title of applicant. 
BSoT and ASiT Membership Numbers. 
Detailed description of the fellowship the applicant intends to attend and what they hope to gain from this experience. 
3. A letter of recommendation from the host centre. 
4. A letter of recommendation from a current supervisor or consultant allowing applicant to go on fellowship if successful. 
The selection committee (ASiT and BSoT) will review all applications and award bursaries based on the merit of the educational activity, the benefit to the trainee's education and future career, and financial need.
Application opens: 17th November 2023 
Application closes: Thursday 17th December 23:59 (GMT) 
Please submit your application to
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