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ASiT Sponsorship Packages
ASiT Sponsorship Packages
Details of ASiT sponsorship packages and terms and conditions.


Through its various facets, ASiT provides a number of opportunities to advertise to the surgical community. The tariffs that these attract depend on the nature of the product advertised and the implied benefits to the members contained within the promotion. Below is the updated price list as well as the terms and conditions for sponsorship packages.

Marketing Price List for Courses and Educational Opportunities

1. Website Banner Advert [£550 + VAT]: Advert placed as main scrolling banner on website, accessible to the public, for one month. Also includes members section and newsletter advert (see below).

2. Mailshot and Online Advert [£450 + VAT]: Email shot to membership and online advertisement accessible by members and non-members in the “resources” or “upcoming events” section of the website for a period of one month.

3. Members Section and Newsletter Advert [£250 + VAT]: Online advertisement accessible in the members' section of the website for a period of one month which is also included in our newsletter. N.B. Newsletters are scheduled to be sent on pre-specified dates, which cannot be altered. Discounted to £150+ VAT for courses offering 15% discount per person for ASiT members. Free for courses offering a 25% discount per person for ASiT members.

4. Complimentary advertising: Online advertisement accessible in the members' section of the website for a period of one month for courses offering entirely free course/event/resource registration for ASiT members, or those which charge a nominal fee. A selection of these may be included online, in mailshots and in newsletters at the discretion of the ASiT executive committee.

5. Multiple adverts: 25% discount is offered for all subsequent advertising purchased within the same financial year. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a bespoke long term advertising package.


Terms and Conditions

1. ASiT provides only the services listed above. Production, design and proof-reading of the emails and online advert material should be conducted by the payee.

2. At no point should the payee make any claim that the course, resource or event is endorsed, supported or associated with the Association of Surgeons in Training either in the marketing email or online advert to be disseminated or in any other third party communication, without prior approval from ASiT. ASiT also retains the right to request their logo be displayed in course and event documents.

3. Online adverts require a word document containing all the content the payee wishes to display online. This should not exceed 200 words and should contain a single image or logo the payee wishes to display on the advert.

4. Whilst in the vast majority of cases there are no content problems with the email adverts or online adverts we facilitate we reserve the right to request an alteration to the content of the emails and online adverts prior to dissemination.

5. Should any change in content suggested by ASiT Executive be unacceptable to the payee ASiT will offer a full refund but will not disseminate the information.


For more information on ASiT sponsorship packages and opportunities, please contact:

Kristina Gloufchev

General Manager

Association of Surgeons in Training

at The Royal College of Surgeons of England

35/43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

London WC2A 3PN

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 869 6681


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