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Logbook Redevelopment Statement
Logbook Redevelopment Statement
Letter sent to Mr David Large on behalf of ASiT & BOTA regarding trainee involvement in the redevelopment of our Logbook.








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David F. Large, F.R.C.S.Ed.(Orth.)
Hon. Clin. Assoc. Professor, University of Glasgow Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Ayr Hospital

Letter to Mr. David Large from the Association of Surgeons in Training and the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association

30th April 2017

Re: Trainee Representation on Logbook Redevelopment Group

Dear Mr. Large,

Many thanks for your email regarding trainee representation on the logbook redevelopment group.

Having discussed trainee representation on the logbook redevelopment group with the ASiT and BOTA councils, we are writing to formally request a seat for ASiT and BOTA at every meeting, rather than just alternating meetings.

The logbook is pan-specialty and both used and funded by trainees across the UK and Ireland. ASiT and BOTA together provide optimum trainee representation as together they represent all surgical specialties in the UK and Ireland.

Whilst ASiT and BOTA have a very strong working relationship, in order for consistency and to truly represent the totality of surgical trainees, we believe it is important that ASiT and BOTA are present at every meeting and not alternating ones. While we understand the rationale for a small streamlined group, this cannot be at the expense of adequate trainee representation.

I’m sure you can understand our position on this, given that the logbook is a requisite for all surgical trainees and that the redevelopment is part-funded by trainees’ money.

Ms. Elizabeth Elsey, Vice-President of ASiT will attend the meeting on behalf of ASiT and Ms. Vittoria Bucknall, Vice-President and Secretary of BOTA will be attending on behalf of BOTA, on the 9th June.

We look forward to hearing from you and to working together over the coming year.


Ms. Helen MohanPresident of ASiT on behalf of ASiT Council

Mr. Simon Fleming, President of BOTA


Cc. Mr. Bill Allum, Chairman of JCST
Mr. Gareth Griffiths, ISCP Surgical Director


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