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Conference CharitY

ASiT are delighted to support BFIRST as the offical charity for 2015-2016.

BFIRST: Our Vision

“Reconstruct Lives… Rebuild Futures”…

We know from our experience and training that surgery transforms lives for the better. Untreated burns frequently result in disfigurement, deformity, and a life of destitution and marginalisation. Hand injuries result in loss of function, loss of income and severe disability.

BFIRST undertakes several projects across the world in the most deprived countries, including Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nigeria, with future plans for Vietnam and Sri Lanka. 
We know that many deformities and disabilities caused by trauma, burns and cancer can be corrected by reconstructive plastic surgical techniques, giving this forgotten group of patients a chance of hope and a better life. 

The main aims of these projects are empowerment and sustainability: BFIRST provides a consultant-led service whereby local surgeons are trained by an international team of reconstructive expertise, helping to develop their infrastructure, so that they become self-sufficient in providing life-changing procedures for their own communities.


BFIRST: Join Our Team

Tweet us on @BFIRSTraining  …#BFIRSTraining #plasticsurgery 
Connect with us on Facebook: Bfirst
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