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2017 - Bob Yang

First experience in the United Kingdom with the novel sublingual vaccine Uromune® in the treatment of women with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Introduction: Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in women is common, with many requiring long-term antibiotic prophylaxis. However, the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria’s provides an urgent need to find alternatives.
We present the first experience in the United Kingdom (UK) of the commercially available bacterial vaccine Uromune® in women with recurrent UTIs that have failed mainstream managements including antibiotic prophylaxis.

Method: 51 women (mean age:58 years, range:18-86) with recurrent UTIs received 3-months of sublingual Uromune®.
12-month follow-up was via a phone consultation followed by an on-going direct contact number. No antibiotic prophylaxis was used throughout the follow-up period.

Result: 50 women completed treatment. 1 woman discontinued Uromune® due to lifestyle/personal reasons.
43 out of 50 (86%) women reported no further UTIs in follow-up.
2 reported side effects. One reported a post-nasal drip. The other experienced temporary skin itchiness. Both settled spontaneously.

Conclusion: Uromune® appears both effective and safe at treating recurrent UTIs in UK women, with the potential to replace antibiotic prophylaxis.
Further larger studies are required. An international multi-centre study on the outcomes of Uromune® is underway with our centre as the UK arm. Furthermore, our centre has commenced the first randomised control trial of Uromune®.
The results from both are awaited.