Elevating Surgical Training: ASiT's Commitment
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Escape Room (hosted by Scrub Games)

Saturday 9th March 10:45-16:15

Calling all Escape Room Lovers!

Have you got what it takes to solve the clues, master the art of teamwork and save the patient all before the next shift comes in!?

Gather your team and sign up for our Surgical Escape Room taking place on SATURDAY 9th MARCH at the ASIT Annual Conference! 

You will need to use your surgical knowledge to navigate through a clinical scenario, all the while employing your best puzzle solving and communication skills to escape.

If you would like to take part, please email with your name, role/level of training and contact number. You can sign up with a group of friends or individually - it's up to you! Each team will consist of 6-8 players. 

More information coming soon including how to secure your place!