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ASIT Global Surgery Awards

Applications Now Closed for 2023

ASiT is pleased to announce its Global Surgery Awards for 2023. 


The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery previously highlighted the gross deficiencies in global surgical care, with an estimated 5 billion people unable to access safe surgery when needed and an additional 143 million surgical procedures required annually to address this unmet demand.

To address this need, ASiT has introduced four awards of £500 each to go towards covering global surgery project costs including airline fares, accommodation and sustenance.


​Please note: this prize is not for medical student electives (there is a separate ASiT Medical Student Prize).

To apply:

Please email info@asit.org with the following attached:

Applications will be scored according to merit and successful applicants will be notified shortly after the deadline and sent instructions on how to claim the bursary amount. All claims will be reimbursed retrospectively once proof of the visit or course attendance and receipts for expenses are provided.

Please note: The ASiT bursary must be acknowledged in any resulting publication, presentation, or other materials arising from this project. Bursary recipients are also expected to write a report for the ASiT Yearbook (the ASiT Yearbook Editor will be in contact to arrange this if feasible) and will be invited to share their experience in the ASiT Annual Conference prizes and bursaries session.

We look forward to receiving your applications.