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Aikaterina Gkorila

Regional Representative - Wessex

Katerina is a Plastics-themed Core Surgical Trainee in Wessex. Born and raised in Greece, moved to UK for her medical studies. After graduating from University of Cambridge in 2019, she pursued her Foundation training in Oxford. Following her recruitment to join the RCSEng Emerging Leaders programme in 2024, she aims to use this opportunity to contribute to an inclusive and equitable future for the surgical profession.
In August 2023, she took on the role of Wessex Regional Representative for the ASiT council. Passionate about elevating the standards of surgical training, Katerina champions open communication within the surgical community, promotes inclusivity, and advocates for fair access to top-tier educational courses. She warmly welcomes any thoughts, queries, or concerns that need to be raised at a national level. Feel free to reach out to her anytime.
Aikaterina Gkorila