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Prize Winners 2019

All Prize Winners

ASiT Peoples Choice Award
Lucy Huppler
There aint no party like a lap box party
ASiT Swann-Morton Medal
William Bolton
Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS) for minimally invasive surgery in low-resource settings: Methods for evaluating surgical field of view (FOV) and abdominal wall lift (AWL) force - A Cadaveric Study Model
ASiT Medical Student Poster of Distinction Prize
Chloe Jacklin
More Men Die With Prostate Cancer Than Because of It
Lucy Huppler
There aint no party like a lap box party
AOT Prize
Mentes Zorba
Is an SHO led clinic effective in supporting other ENT services?
ASGBI Short Paper Prize - Joint Winner
Thomas Baldock
Perforated diverticulitis in the North of England: A retrospective cohort study evaluating trends in patient outcomes, management approach and the influence of subspecialisation
ASGBI Short Paper Prize - Joint Winner
Oliver Beaumont
Helicopter and Ground Emergency Medical Services Transportation to Hospital After Major Trauma in England, A Comparative Cohort Study
Matthew Doe
Upper GI endoscopy in Uganda
Ashleigh Ivy
Thyroid Surgery in a large DGH
Hana Cocker
Kimura’s Disease of the parotid gland – an extremely rare case
BAPS Prize
Simon McCluney
Pyloric and duodenal atresia
BASO Oral Prize
John Canny
Colonic stent as a bridge to theatre
BASO Trainees Prizes (Oncology)
Matthew Goldsworthy
Cancer-associated fibroblasts induce extracellular matrix expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Mustafa El Sheikh
TMZ in prolactinoma
Naim Slim
What is the perfect sleeve gastrectomy? A review of the literature
BOTA Prize
Arun Krishna
Catherization rates in hip replacement
British Hernia Prize
Kelly Iles
Trans-abdominal pre-peritoneal vs Total extraperitoneal laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair – A meta-analysis of the literature.
Carrel Club Prize
Shane O'Neill
Reconstructing the role of renal autotransplant - a case study
Carrel Club Second Prize
Hannah Hughes
Current early immunosuppression practices in the Irish liver transplant population: efficacy and rate of acute cellular rejection
Dukes Prize
Edward Laurent
The incidence of missed colorectal cancer
ESO Surgical Education Prize
Katie Chan
National Trend in Charges for Non-Resident On Call Rooms: Results of the #DontPayToStay Campaign
IJS Case Report Prize
Issar Hussain
The “Numb Chin Syndrome”: A Case Report
Mammary Fold Prize
Hannah Lewis
The efficacy of regional anaesthesia: Pectoralis I, Pectoralis II and Paravertebral nerve blocks on improving post-operative outcomes for Breast Cancer Surgery patients
Miriam Beattie
Demographics and Nationwide trends in Plastic Surgery admissions: what does this tell us about our specialty?
Rouleaux Prize
Esmee Irvine
The effect of left renal vein ligation on renal function following open infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.
SARS Prize
Tara Sibartie
IDENTIFY: The Investigation and Detection of Urological Neoplasia in patients referred with suspected urinary tract cancer: A multicentre analysis
SCTS Cardiothoracic Prize
Rick Karsan
The Top 100 Manuscripts Related to Emergency Cardiac Surgery. The Impact of Research and its Potential Role in Cardiothoracic Training. A Bibliometric Analysis.
STARSurg Medical Student Oral Prize
James Bundred
Sarcopenia in Pancreatic Cancer: A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
TMS Poster of Distinction Prize
Jacob Duffin
Drainless day case superficial parotidectomy with Artiss
BAUS Trainers Prize
Nasir Jaralla
The role of CT report prompts in improving the radiological follow-up of expectantly managed acute ureteric colic
BJS Prize
Samuel Lawday
Rectal Stump Management in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Cohort Study, Systematic Review and Proportional Analysis of Peri
WinS Prize
Helen Skinner
Gender Representation in Leadership Roles in UK Surgical Societies
WinS 2 Prize
Caludia Eichenauer
The role of mentoring in shaping the surgical future of female medical students: a cross-sectional study
Major Trauma TiG
Sam Webb
Surgical vs conservative management of flail chest: a review of prospective clinical trials
Jessica Daniels
Core training in plastic surgery fails to meet JCST standards for training, but are the standards ever achievable?
Surgical Simulation
Abigail Nelson
The introduction of a simulated skills programme to increase the confidence of 3rd year medical students in the clinical setting
Global Surgery
William Bolton
Validation of novel wound imaging software to aid the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) of the skin in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).