Elevating Surgical Training: ASiT's Commitment

Prize Winners 2021

Oral Abstracts Prize Winners

ASiT NRC Collaborative Research Prize
Harry Spiers
An international multi-centre appraisal of the management of acute CHOLEcystitis during the COVID-19 pandemic: The CHOLECOVID Study
ASiT COVID-19 Prize
Barry Kerr
Changing the Management of Epistaxis in the COVID-19 Era
ASiT ASGBI Short Paper Prize
Nav Thavanesan
Clinical factors predictive of both successful and unsuccessful arterial embolization in the management of lower gastrointestinal bleeding
ASiT WinS Equality & Diversity Prize - Joint Winner
Ricky Ellis
The Impact of Disability on Performance in the Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons Examination (MRCS)
ASiT WinS Equality & Diversity Prize - Joint Winner
Sanah Ali
Experience of Implementing Diversity Teaching into University of Oxford
The Prakash Sinha Quality Improvement & Sustainability Prize
David Hopkin
Theatre and the environmental impact: if you don’t measure it can’t be managed
BBRAUN Innovation Prize
Bence Baljer
Resorbable Composite Materials for Fracture Fixation
SRS Research & Academic Prize
Waheed-Ul-Rahman Ahmed
Genome-wide association analysis and replication in 810,625 individuals identifies novel therapeutic targets for varicose veins
ESO Surgical Education & Training Prize
Thomas Baldock
The Junior Doctor Changeover Effect – Does it exist in General Surgery?
BJS Systematic Review Prize
Soham Bandyopadhyay
Traumatic brain injury-related paediatric mortality and morbidity in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
STARSurg Medical Student Oral Prize
Lauren Greasley
Wide-awake local anaesthetic no tourniquet (WALANT) vs general/regional anaesthetic for flexor tendon injuries: a single-centre, retrospective cohort study
ASiT / Swann-Morton Medal
Arwel Poacher
The Four Year Clinical and Economic Impact of an Extended Screening Program for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
ASiT / TMS Poster of Distinction Prize
Conor Jones
Summarising the reporting of outcomes in studies of robot-assisted cholecystectomy: a systematic review

Poster Abstracts Prize Winners

BOMSS Prize (Bariatric)
Peter Ishak
Pathology Pick up Rate in Routine Preoperative Endoscopy and its Impact on Patients Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery
Mammary Fold Prize
Kin Yik Chan
Perioperative Utility of Tranexamic Acid in Oncological Breast Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
SCTS Cardiothoracic Prize
Maria Georgi
Computational modelling of 3D printed scaffolds for heart valve regeneration
IJS Case Report Prize
Aoife Mallon
Use of 3D Printing Technology in Surgical Planning and Decision Making in ENT Skull Base Surgery- An Axial 3D First in Northern Ireland
The Dukes' Club Prize
Henriette Wa Katolo
Outcome reporting following rectopexy requires standardisation for reproducibility and transparent outcome analysis
BAETS Prize (Endocrine)
Gabriella Marchitelli
Patients' Perceptions of Complications Following Thyroidectomy
AOT Prize
Judith Osuji
Is telephone triage here to stay? An audit of the impact of COVID 19 on a Head and Neck cancer clinic
WinS Prize
Sabbur Anwar
How far do cultural values between first and second generational medical students differ according to GMC guidelines
IME Ethics Prize
Sally Tucker
Navigating the morality of postponing urgent cancer surgery in the Covid-19 pandemic
GlobalSurg Global Surgery Prize
Farizeh Ahmed
Does surgical intervention improve quality of life for patients with chronic ear disease in Nepal?
British Hernia Society Prize
Anne Ewing
The impact of COVID-19 on hernia surgery in the Lothian region of Scotland
Gray’s Surgical Anatomy Human Factors Prize
Lydia Pearson
A survey on the perceived effect of background music on intra-operative stress, anxiety and surgical task load on the operating surgeon
ALSGBI Prize (Lap)
Jeffrey Leung
Quality of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Laparoscopic Surgery: Systematic Review
Amr Taha
An extensive infected Plunging Ranula in a ten-year-old with a Review of Literature Reviews between 2000-2020
Ping Hei Cheng
Management, Complications and Neurological Outcomes of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in Elderly Patients
Roux Group Prize
Louise Finch
Endovascular hepatic artery stents in the modern management of post-pancreatectomy haemorrhage
TriPS Prize
Olugbenga Awolaran
Prospective Evaluation of Virtual Consultations in Paediatric Surgery and Urology: Lessons from the Pandemic Times
Adam Misky
Tackling Jersey Finger Using Extraosseous Tunnels – Study of a New Technique
CMR Surgical Robotic Surgery Prize
Conor Jones
Transoral robotic surgery: Comparing the geography of research publications with the global burden of disease
BASO Trainees Prize (Oncology)
Ben Atkinson
Improving surgical and non-surgical oncological outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer
Journal of Surgical Simulation Prize
Alexander Coombs
The Impact of Using A Virtual Reality Surgical Curriculum To Train Scrub Practitioners In Complex Orthopaedic Surgery
RCS PGCert Medical Education Prize
André Tulloch
Increasing Representation in Surgical Careers – the First Cut Mentorship Programme for Medical Students
Herrick Society Prize (Transplant)
Caitlin Carolan
Comparing outcomes in right versus left kidney transplantation; a systematic review and meta-analysis
BOTA Prize
William Levitt
The statistical value of different clinical characteristics in evaluation of suspected Cauda Equina Syndrome
BSOT Prize (Urology)
Sonam Patel
Salvage versus primary robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a propensity-matched comparative effectiveness study from a high-volume tertiary centre
Rouleaux Club Prize (Vasc)
Ahmad Guni
A 360-degree exploration of key factors in consent in aortic aneurysm repair
ASiT MedAll Poster Engagement Prize
Shaheer Aslam Joiya
The "6Pm Series": Addressing medical education for final year medical students during the pandemic