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ASiT x Herrick Society Core Skills in Transplant Surgery - Sunday 10th March

08:45 - 16:00
Durley Suite

In this course you will learn about donor surgery, immunosuppression and multi-organ transplant surgery. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to undertake practical skills relevant to transplant surgery.

Delegate numbers: 16
Grade: Foundation doctors to ST3
Faculty: 5

Programme Summary:

8:45 Registration 

9:00-09:15 - Introduction “Why Choose Transplantation”

Organ Donation and Key Immunology

09:15-09:45- Organ Donation, Retrieval and Allocation 

09:45-10:15- Immunology and Immunosuppression for Surgeons 

10:15-10:45- Coffee 

Organ Transplantation

10:45-11:15 - Kidney Transplantation 

11:15-11:45 - Liver Transplantation 

11:45-12:30 – Demonstration of Kidney Back table

12:30-13:00 - Lunch

Transplant Surgical Skills

13:00-1530 – Transplant Surgical Skills
Porcine Kidney Back Table Dissection
End to Side Anastomosis

Coffee Break during/at end of this. 

So you want to become a transplant surgeon? 

15:30-15:45 – Pathways into Transplant Surgery

15:45-16:00 - Course feedback