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ASiT x TriPS Core Skills in Paediatric Surgery

Course outline

09:00 - 17:00
Tregonwell Seminar Room 2

Paediatric Surgery course that aims to provide candidates with an insight into the speciality and the basic knowledge of common paediatric surgical pathologies. It will also include practical workshops and provide information on the speciality training national recruitment process. The course is suitable for candidates who would like to pursue or consider Paediatric Surgery as a career and also those who deal with paediatric patients as part of their adult General Surgery practice.

Delegate Numbers – 20 
Grade – Medical students to CT2
Faculty - 6

Summary of course

09:00 Registration 

09:10 LECTURE: Introduction – What is Paediatric Surgery? 

09:45 LECTURE: Life as a Paediatric Surgeon – The good, the bad and the ugly 

10:30 BREAK

10:45 LECTURE:  The common and the weird… conditions treated by paediatric surgeons

11:15 LECTURE: Paediatric Surgery ST3 National Selection process 

11:45 LECTURE: Introduction to the Practical Workshops 

12:15 LUNCH  

13:00 – 16:45 PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS*: 2 Faculty per station, 45mins each with 15 min break

  1. Rectal Strip Biopsy 

  2. USS guided vascular access 

  3. Intestinal Stoma Formation 

  4. Scrotal Exploration and Testicular Fixation 

  5. Surgical portfolio workshop

17:00 Q&A and Closing Remarks